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Vegecaps Encapsulation Machine [SG-10V]

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Vegecaps Encapsulation Machine [SG-10V]

  • Medicine pump, providing accurate content with ±0.06ml error in capsule filling.
  • Both vegetable product and animal product on the machine are available with only changing the parts.
  • Easy assembling, disassembling and cleaning by clamping the piping of medicine hopper with one touch way.(Suitable for regulations of GMP and FDA)
  • Die Roll can be precisely and swiftly set through a magnifier.(The key aspect of soft gelatin capsule is the edge of Die Roll)
  • Selected common driving method with cooling drum and oil lubrication.
  • Injection segment with the use of linear motor and L.M guide.
  • Control panel with selection of modernized automatic control method.
  • Flexibility and user friendly operation by PLC Control system with touch monitor.
  • Production follows the regulations of GMP & FDA

Soft-gel Machine(Vegetable)

  • Capacity : 20,160 caps/h
  • Rate : Normal 1.5 ~ 1.8 rpm
  • Main Motor : 3HP (2.25kw)
  • Power Consumption : Approx. 24kw
  • Weight : 1,900kg
  • Size of Die Roll : Ø150 x 250mm
  • Quantity of plunger : 20ea
  • Dimension : 2,305(L) x 1,033(W) x 2,050(H)

Tumbling Dryers

  • Quantity : 14 baskets
  • Control system : Central control
  • Main motor : 0.75kw x 14ea
  • Fan Motor : 0.25kw x 14ea
  • Dimension : 15,820(L) x 1,000(W) x 1,250(H)
  • Size of baskets : Ø650 x 810mm
  • Power consumption : 14kw