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Tablet De-Duster Machine [KSTD-40]

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Tablet De-Duster Machine [KSTD-40]

Tablet de-duster model KSTDU-40 is specially designed cleaning system, which removes powder or dust from the finished tablets, which are pressed and then discharged by vibration.
Tablets turn over several times while compressed air blows off any loose dust on the tablets.
It meets the most stringent require meets in terms of GMP compliant design and construction quality.

  • Variable intensity vibrator and stepped screen.
  • Variable speed operation and adjustable height for use with any type of tablet press.
  • Sturdy 304 stainless steel construction with acrylic housing to meet GMP requirements.
  • Products Contact parts applied STS 316L Material.
  • Vacuum nozzle for dust control and easy to operate and maintain.
  • All contact parts can be quickly dismantled for quick, easy, thorough cleaning.
KSTDU-40 (Uphill type)
400,000 tab/h - 5mm round tablet
350,000 tab/h - 8mm round tablet
300,000 tab/h - 13mm round tablet
300.000 tab/h - 5mm x 4mm oval tablet
100,000 tab/h - 19mm x 7mm oval tablet
Dimension (mm)
400(W) x 400(H) x 1168(D)
Tablet Input Height (mm)
850 (0 ~ 190mm height regulation is possible)
Tablet Exhaust Height (mm)
Max. 140 (0 ~ 190mm height regulation is possible)
Input Suit Width (mm)
Exhaust Suit Width (mm)
220V, 50Hz, 1Ph
Transfer Speed
Vibration Type (Available Speed Control)
Air Consumption
200m3/h - WS 200mm.
Collector hose Diameter (mm)
STS304 and Pharmaceuticals contacts STS316L